Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baltimore Greenworks & Bread and Puppet

Last night I attended one of the Baltimore Greenworks sponsored events. Not only was I excited to see a collaboration of work between MICA and Morgan students about a more sustainable Baltimore, Jasmine Sarp used the event to unveil her brand new logo & identity especially created for The Beet, Baltimore's newest bulk buying club!

I liked seeing the variety of styles and projects people came up with to deal with sustainability.

Tomato Alley:

Replacing plastic bags with reusable ones made out of recycled clothing:

Morgan State architectural plans for a library on North Avenue:

Videos with Baltimore residents about trash in their neighborhood:

Mini-flyers about local thrift stores to store in your purse:

A cart used to carry potatoes from the Jessup Food Bank back to Baltimore:

And a series of board games:

On the way home I stopped by 2640 to give a hand setting up for Bread and Puppet, the legendary Vermont based art and theater group:

And that was enough for one night! Phew. I went home and did laundry at my brother's house. Yay for someone else cooking me dinner and giving me beer!

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