Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Fabritory" Event TODAY on North Ave 5 p.m.


Baltimore Greenworks is really kicking off a huge week in support of Earth Day.

From small changes around the house to meetings about larger policy issues, there is a huge variety of ways to get involved.

Want to do something small? Go to the Herring Run Plant sale and put a few native plant species where your lawn used to be.

Want to do something big? Check out the Climate Change rally in DC on Saturday April 25th.

I definitely recommend checking out the details on their website: http://baltimoregreenworks.com/


I'll probably be going to the event on North Avenue tonight that's in collaboration with Greenworks.

One of the collective member of The Beet Bulk Food Co-op is taking a class with Hugh Pocock, a professor at MICA who has instrumental in a variety of urban agriculture projects.

I know this class was a collaboration between various Baltimore institutions, which is wonderful in and of itself. We have so many great universities and colleges in the area, and all too often everyone gets trapped in their own bubble rather than engaging in dialogue. Plus, working towards sustainability is always a plus.

Also, I'm pretty sure we're going to have some extra dry goods on sale from The Beet, so you might want to check it out. I hear there is going to be beet ice cream on hand!

Here's more information if you're interested:


A Fabrication Laboratory on North Avenue

A collaborative exhibition between Baltimore Green Works and the students of MICA and Morgan State. Featuring the work from Climate Change and Sustainability, Art, Artists and the City and works from Morgan State Department of Architecture. These projects all result from investigations of the conditions and potentials of North Avenue.


The North Avenue Market
20 West North Avenues
(North Ave and Charles St.)


Tuesday, April 20th
3-8 pm
Reception 5pm

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