Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baltimore Bulk Food Buying Club: Order by April 10th!

Do you eat a lot of organic food or make a lot of food from scratch? The brand new Baltimore Food Buying Club is a great way to get organic, all-natural food at affordable prices. Here are some of the items on this month's order list:

(or click this link for the order form)

Rolled Oats @ 1.04 / pound
Long Grain Brown Rice @ 1.16 / pound
Whole Wheat Bread Flour @ .79 / pound
Unbleached White Flour @ 1.06 / pound
Quinoa @ 3.22 / pound
Granola (Magical Maple) @ 3.28 / pound
Black Beans (dried) @ 1.39 / pound
Red Kidney Beans (dried) @ 1.54 / pound
Coffee Beans (Equal Ex. french roast) @ 7.31 / pound
Raw Cashews (not organic) @ 5.29 / pound
Roasted Peanuts @ 2.35 / pound
Raisins (unsulfered) @ 2.30 / pound
Sugar (evaporated cane juice) @ 1.26 / pound
Popcorn @ 1.22 / pound
Garbanzo Beans (dried) @ 1.61 / pound

Currently we do not supply local, perishable products so these foods don't exactly deal with the carbon footprint issue of food. Hopefully we will have more in the way of vegetables, dairy, and other farmer's market type food soon when we get more on our feet.

But the items are all organic (except the cashews this month) and they are great if you want to eat naturally and save money. I personally got a ton of organic flour and beans on the last order, and I'm going to get a lot of raisins and peanuts on this order. Those are items are hard to get locally, so I feel like I might as well buy them in bulk and organic.

We are also working hard to make the bulk food buying club free of disposable packaging, which is another perk of bulk food.

I did vote in favor of using paper bags, but mostly that's for selfish reasons since they are perfect for storing loaves of bread. After using it for bulk food storage and bread storage, I'll use the bag to take out my recycling, so I feel like the bag is getting its worth.

Of course, OK Natural on Preston St. is still my favorite Baltimore natural food store. I go there all the time for chocolate bars, store-bought kombucha (when I've run out of homebrew), juice, snacks, etc. But for 15 lbs. of flour, I need the bulk food buying club!

Order now! The website has more details about membership, payments, and pick-up.

Feel free to email me with questions as well at

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Angry Asian said...

thx for this! i'm placing an order now. i really do need to pay more attn to local & organic foods.

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