Sunday, March 28, 2010

Upcoming 2640 Events (April 7th : Dave Jacke : "Gardening Like the Forest" )

I don't know if it's because of springtime or what, but it seems like there are events galore these days!

Just got the information for the rescheduled Dave Jacke, "Gardening Like the Forest" talk up on the 2640 website. Save the date for April 7th. I'll be stewarding the event, so I will see you there.

Now I'm off to Mill Valley to load up on yogurt, beets, eggs, and other grain-free food to get me through the week. Happy Passover, for those of you who celebrate.

I've got a lot of thoughts for posts about this holiday. What foodie wouldn't love a holiday full of symbolic eating and a celebration of the beginning of spring? And what political activist wouldn't love the story telling of a revolution for freedom? We'll see if I can manage to write something halfway decent about it.

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