Monday, March 15, 2010

Tiny Foods at the Visionary

A few weeks ago I heard about a Tiny Food party, where people made things like miniature hoagies and doughnuts out of real food.

There were all kind of prizes and event categories, I tried to find pictures but was having a hard time. If someone has any, let me know! Sounded like a fun time and I was sorry I missed it.

Then I found out about this free event "Melting Pot: A Food Salon" on Saturday, March 20 at the Visionary Art Museum.

And guess what! From 4-5pm, some of the small foods winners will be in the classroom in the main building of the Visionary Museum.

There will be a little slideshow about the history of the party, and small foods of the past. Then they'll do a small food show and tell (this is the part with the doughnuts) and then finally the workshop itself, where people can make their own small foods.

Here's a link to the Visionary Art Museum's events page:

Too bad I've got to miss out on the soft pretzel making!


paulettew said...

What an interesting event!

Carrie Fucile said...

Thanks for posting this!

Here are pictures:

and a video:

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