Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Know Your Watershed

Yesterday was one of the first days it really felt like spring. My brother and I decided to take a walk through Wyman Park on our way to a restaurant to grab a few beers. On our way there we noticed a sign that said "Stream Reconstruction."

And what a pretty reconstruction it is!

This stream is part of the Jones Falls Watershed, gathering up the run-off from Baltimore City and carrying it into the Harbor. It used to be a narrow little gulley blocked off by a high concrete wall.

After a moment of noticing the beauty of this stepped waterfall, it occurred to me that the structure probably had a purpose. The steps help break the water's flow, thus preventing erosion. Pretty & functional!

Plus now there is a slight hill on the banks of the stream, which will make it easier for people to come interact with the stream. Getting to know your watershed is a great way to clean up our local water, which as we all know is the most vital resource on the planet.

Check out these great watershed associations to learn how you can be involved in projects like pulling invasive weeds, adopting a stream, or purchasing a rain barrel:

Jones Falls Watershed

Herring Run Watershed

Gwynns Falls Watershed

Baltimore Harbor Watershed Association

Which watershed do YOU live in?

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