Friday, March 26, 2010

Earthship Webinar

Haha, I love this blog title phrase. I would definitely read that 1950s sci-fi book.

But wait! This is a real thing! The Earthship Biotecture organization is hosting an online learning session about the many facets of building a sustainable home.

From permits and housing codes to models for community building, this workshop is a how to for all you curious folks who want to build a new model for living. Plus its on Earth Day, so it's a nice way to celebrate.

April 22, 2010 @6pm MST (Mountain Standard Time)

Here is the information that was sent to me:

The webinar is a live presentation on the internet by Michael Reynolds from the famous Phoenix Earthship at the Earthship World Headquarters in Taos, NM, USA.

Earthship Green Building Seminar
Exciting workshops which will give you hands-on experience building Earthships.

2010 Seminar Schedule
May 28-30
June 25-27
September 24-26

An Earthship is a radically sustainable home made of recycled materials.

Electricity is from the sun with solar panels and wind with wind modules.

Water is caught on the roof from rain and snow melt.

Sewage is treated on site in interior and external botanical planters.

Heating & Cooling is from the sun and the earth.

Food is grown inside and outside.

BaltimoreDIY note: I love the beauty of earthships, with their vibrant colors, blossoming plants, and exotic structures. And I love how they push the boundaries of sustainable living to the fullest, creating a free space for alternative living.

But I haven't quite decided how I feel about the earthships issue of distancing oneself from human society. I think it could possibly lead to becoming disconnected from your average American and the push to change our overall societal structures for the better.

It's hard to understand why a stressful single mom would want to cook a Stouffer's meal when you live in a self-made Eden.

These are just some thoughts I have on the issue that I felt needed to be addressed. I still think these buildings are really beautiful, and I appreciate the Utopian ideal they embody. Maybe one day I could build an Earthship Rowhouse.

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