Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chinese Street Food Brunch

Hanne Blank making the magic happen this morning at Mill Valley.

Her Chinese street food brunch was a great way to spend Sunday morning. Since I haven't been able to attend the last two foodmaker potlucks, this was kind of a quick fix.

Red-cooked eggs and tofu for the congee (rice porridge)

An assortment of toppings

Crepe filled with you tiao (fried bread), egg, sprouts, cilantro

Congee, or jook, rice porride with the red-cooked eggs, pork (I don't eat any but my friend Jason had his with), cilantro, sprouts, chili-ginger sauce, pickled cabbage... mmm. I can see this being the perfect Chinese comfort food, and so fun to add your own assortment of favorite toppings.

Since I always talk about Mill Valley on here and I was already taking photos of Hanne's brunch, I thought I'd take a few of the place where I buy most of my groceries.

Since Mill Valley has mostly produce and protein products, I even got my shopping done for Passover. Looks like this week I'll be eating bison stew with carrots and onions, applesauce or yogurt for breakfast, fried eggs or melted cheese on matzah, salad with pickled beets, and more.

Here's a little tour around the premises:

You can see the kiosks with spices and natural herbal beauty products around the cute eating area (Mick the Pirate from Whiskey Island Spices also cooks brunches often, you can find out more on the Mill Valley website).

The pile of sacks is corn for Baltimore Biomass. In the top photo you can see the jars of McCuthcheon's and other local canned food in the background (in addition to some other natural food products.)

Area for picking up local produce. Right now it's all onions and potatoes, but come August, this area will be bursting with different veggies and fruits. You can also see the cooler for Gunpowder Bison products.

More local meat and Trickling Springs ice cream

Dairy products, including milk in re-fillable glass jugs, eggs, lettuce, and homemade Cuban sauces

And lots of started seedlings for sale

This brunch was my friend Jason's first visit to Mill Valley, and its always fun introducing a new person to a fresh take on the food buying experience.

So I thought I'd show you all around a little too! Of course, you can check out all the local food purveyors on the Mill Valley website.

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