Monday, March 22, 2010

Baltimore Food Buying Club

Check it out! There is now a bulk buying club in Baltimore!

BaltimoreDIY has the scoop on the details in case you want to order too. Get bulk beans or chickpeas so you can have a constant stream of cheap hummus, bean salad, or filler for quesadillas. Make crazily cheap and delicious bread, or get fair trade coffee for less!

Now that I've been baking up sourdough my pantry's need for good organic flour has gone way up. Those little 5 lb bags of King Arthur's flour at the grocery store just ain't filling my needs. (King Arthur is definitely an awesome company though. Employee owned!)

Here's a peek at the informational email that just came out.

What can I order?

Starting off, you will be able to order the following items. We will introduce new items in the following weeks as we expand our membership. All of these items are grown organically or made from organic ingredients.

Here's the order form for a list of items and prices.


$5! This fee will cover the expenses of the buying club.

We also ask that each member volunteer for one 2-hour shift (every 3 months). Volunteers will collect money or weigh out the items ordered on the day that we distribute the goods. We will send out a spread sheet where you can sign-up for your shift. If you cannot make your shift, we need to know at least one week in advance or you can have someone cover for you.


Orders will be placed twice a month. To place an order, fill out the online order form indicating the weight of each item that you want to order. Payments must be made by the date indicated on the buying club schedule (you cannot pay on the pickup day). If your payment is not received by the due date, your order will not be placed.


A service fee of 5% has been added to these prices. Prices may shift slightly from week to week.


You may drop your payment off in the mail slot of Cheryl Carmona's house at 312 E. 33rd St (between Guilford and Abell). Payments must be in cash and must be received before midnight on the date that orders are to be placed.

Picking up your order

Orders may be picked up at 1821 North Charles St. which is next to the Hexagon. The time is to be announced. BYOB- Bring your own bags (and containers)! To reduce waste, we encourage you to bring bags and containers to pick up your order.

In light of the recent frustrating article about Hipsters on Food Stamps, I sincerely hope this gives people a chance to reconsider their economic approach to food.


mscharmschic said...

This sounds very cool!

JLGB said...

Do you know if any of these products are grown locally?

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