Saturday, February 13, 2010

Party at the Windup Tonight: Support Velocipede!

Going stir crazy? Looking for some fun tonight?

Help support an awesome community bike shop with a dance party fundraiser!

Here's Baltimore City Paper's event description:

The cycling gurus of Velocipede invite you to throw on a nice suit and cocktail dress and join them for music by Rebecca Nagle, DJ Jason Willet, and the soulful stylings of Claire Hux with Data Frogs. You'll get a chance to win some pretty nifty prizes with raffles from local businesses like Light Street Cycles, Joe's Bike Shop, and Atomic Books, and you can feel good knowing your $5-$10 sliding-scale donation will help Velocipede teach folks how to repair and build their own bikes.

The event starts at 10 p.m. at the Windup Space.

I'm planning on being there. Not only because it sounds like a great time, but also because Velocipede has really taught me a lot about DIY in the past year or so.

By going to their Womens/Trans night every other Tuesday, I've gone from not knowing what an allen wrench is to owning a personal wrench set. When something is wobbly while I'm riding, I feel a lot more comfortable figuring out what's wrong.

Messing around with bikes has really taught me that you don't necessarily have to be an engineering expert to work with tools. Sometimes you just need patience, some basic knowledge, and the desire to look in-depth at an object. And having a community of friends who are willing to help teach you skills is a definite benefit.

Not to mention the fact that Velocipede is keeping tons of metal trash from going to the dumpsters by re-using old parts!

For more information about Velocipede:

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