Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blizzard 2010

It's been a pretty relaxing blizzard over here at 2010 headquarters.

Mostly I've been doing the usual stuff, cleaning, internet, etc. although in between it's been a lot of fun just walking around enjoying the snowy view.

The main street in Hampden hasn't even been paved yet, so everyone is going around on foot. Kids playing snow football in the middle of the street, dragging each other on sleds, everyone kind of giddy with the strangeness of it all.

Friday night I really wanted to do something to experience this one of a kind event. So I took a quick walk around the block, just to be in the snow as it was falling. I stopped for a minute to say hi to some folks outside of the bar next door, and there was a snowball fight with the bar across the street.

Saturday morning view of my fire escape:

I went on a walk with my brother and friends. Old Falls Road was particularly pretty with all of the trees covered in snow.

There were some branches weighted down with snow hanging on the power lines along the road. But so far the power hasn't gone out, so yay!

All you can see are the rearview mirrors poking out of humps of snow!

I also decided to use the time to reinvigorate my winter skin. This exfoliating scrub is made out of salt and jojoba oil.

You could probably use any light oil (grapeseed would be a good one, and I believe you can get it at the grocery store).

I wish I had sea salt but had to use table salt instead. My skin felt super smooth and lovely!

And to top it all off, no work tomorrow!

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