Monday, February 1, 2010

Baltimore Fusion

Hoop Houses at Lake Clifton High School

When it comes to community organizations in Baltimore, it's all about the FUSION.

Since 2003, Fusion provides fiscal sponsorship for emerging, grassroots programs and projects to nuture their development. We provide financial management, human resources, and other administrative assistance so projects can focus on their mission and goals for social change.

Saturday at 2640 was the Fusion Open House. It was a really inspiring event, and I found out a lot about the great variety of community groups that are supported under the Fusion umbrella.

Plus it was pretty cozy in the 2640 church that day, eating a bagel, drinking some Irish breakfast tea, watching the snow fall through the windows, and hearing good words from so many active folks in Baltimore City.

The above video was taken from the Safe Healing Foundation website. This organization within the Fusion community helps give a healthy alternative to city youth who are often lacking in job training, self-empowerment, and positive support networks.

If you have an internship opportunity, let Safe Healing know!

I don't mean to just single out this one Fusion group, but I thought I would focus on them for this post because of their involvement with CivicWorks' exciting new hoop houses project.

Power Inside is another organization that I've written about in the past (see the post about the film Precious.)

Youth involvement in urban agriculture, Velocipede, ex-offender employment assistance, the Baltimore Free Store, transgender support projects, fellow parents helping each other navigate the juvenile justice system, and various other cultural and social projects all came together to talk about their projects.

For a more complete list:

It's all about empowerment!

Originally I planned on combining this post with comments on my newly ordered seeds and garden plans. It seems like Fusion in a way is also planting seeds in Baltimore for beautiful organizations to bloom and flourish!

A more literal post about seeds and garden plans is coming soon.

If you are interested in applying to Fusion, please see the Incubation Criteria and Program Application

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TEEI said...

Great Post! We love Empowerment in SF.

Clair at TEEI
TEEI (Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative), a program of JVS, Transgender Law Center, SF LGBT Center and SF TEAM that helps transgender and gender-nonconforming adults find jobs in the Bay Area.

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