Monday, January 11, 2010

Native Plants at Enoch Pratt tonight

Well, there may be snow on the ground still, but that doesn't mean it's not time to start planning your garden.

Tonight 6p.m. at the Southeast Anchor library on 3601 Eastern Ave:

Planning Your Spring Garden with Native Plants

Work with fellow gardeners and local experts -- including Anne Fleshman from Baltimore Contained & Ashley Traut from Herring Run Watershed -- to start planning your garden for the spring. We'll have catalogs available for you to use and new ideas for incorporating native plants into your garden, too!

This workshop is being presented in conjunction with the Southeast Community Development Corporation and the Herring Run Watershed.

The photos posted show a few of the native plants I picked up at last year's FlowerMart in May.

Pictured at top:
Black Cohosh & Goldenseal

Me re-potting Mountain Mint

Mountain Mint in background, native carnivorous plants in foreground

Everything is pretty much dead in my backyard bucket garden right now, but I'm hoping that these plants will grow back on their own in the spring.

The carnivorous plants are delicate and were kind of a failure, but the herbs practically grew themselves. You can see the growth rate of the mountain mint in the middle photo. Much bigger than it is in the bottom photo!

The mountain mint in particular has an absolutely amazing scent, and I was able to harvest several cups of leaves for one of the most delicious and pungent mint teas you will ever drink. It's supposed to make a gentle mouthwash & have other healing properties as well.

Attract local pollinators and restore local habitat!

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