Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Move Your Money

"Nearly a week ago, Arianna Huffington and Rob Johnson launched the Move Your Money campaign urging Americans to send a message to big, bailed-out national banks by joining smaller, more stable community banks. Huffington Post readers responded almost immediately."

I plan on moving my $$$ soon from an unnamed corporate bank to MECU (Maryland Employee's Credit Union.)

I don't want to write too much about the recent financial crisis here, since that is something way more than I can handle after a full day at work.

But I do want to go beyond the recent slew of local-foodie posts to talk about another way that a change in your daily life can affect politics.

Here at BaltimoreDIY, I no longer believe that writing letters to our congresspeople is the solution to any political problem. I don't want to complain to my neighbors and friends about bank bailouts while doing nothing.

I'd rather just support my local bank.

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s_baghaii said...

If you are carrying credit card balances, move your interest payments too if at all possible.

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