Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Foodmakers Potluck

This month's theme was "Meat/Fake Meat"

I think it was one of our biggest potlucks yet. Lots of great food of both the vegan and meat-lover's variety, dessert, and even an impromptu beverage tasting at the beginning with both sweet and dry fermented cider, kombucha, and homemade ginger beer.

Michelle with fermented cider (more on this here)

Elaine with ginger beer (in white jug) and kombucha (in growler)

cornbread // homemade buffalo jerky // banh mi both with and without chicken liver pate // flan

a succulent seitan pot pie

brian's homemade charcuterie:
pork belly // pork tenderloin // duck

Elaine's morrocan preserved lamb, beef, and lemon

venison tartare

sourdough // homemade relish // watermelon rind pickle // mustard // local butter

crowd shot

vegan black eyed pea dish // meat black eyed pea dish

seitan & salad // chickpea fritters // white bean salad // home-canned true alaskan salmon spread // tofu 'sloppy jane' in thermos

dessert! flan & vegan chocolate cake

awesome cat & plants room

My plate.
barbeque tofu // cornbread // white bean salad // sourdough with mustard and relish // cured duck // buffalo jerky // home-canned alaskan salmon spread // curried vegetable // seitan pot pie // salad // chickpea fritter


Laura said...

Great pictures - thanks!

Sylvia said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures, Aliza! I really have to make it to a potluck one of these days.

BSN said...

Oh my god....

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