Sunday, January 24, 2010

Homemade Cider Press Video

Can't wait to post the photos from STEW #2 and the "Meat/Fake Meat" January Foodmaker's potluck extravangaza. Hopefully those will be up later on today when I have more time.

But yesterday's potluck reminded me to do a quick post about Michelle Gienow's article in the Baltimore City Paper last Wednesday. Her article was about pressing and fermenting apple cider.

She describes the origins of the November foodmaker adventures here:

For the past several years, I've been tracking apple trees in and around Baltimore City: you'd be amazed--apples are everywhere once you start looking, including a dozen-plus well-bearing trees along the median of Perring Parkway near Morgan State.

Many stayed behind as too twisted and wormy for eating, but I always sighed regretfully at the waste--once upon a time these culls, or waste apples, would have been used for making cider.

My problem was, of course, that lacking a cider press, I had no way to render them into cider.

Fortunately, during a monthly gathering of other local-food obsessives (Baltimore Food Makers, it out), I happened to mention my unfulfilled desire to my friend Brian Murphy.

Brian, a mechanical engineer, enjoys building random contraptions; having never seen a cider press before, he watched a couple of YouTube videos and then basically threw one together from wood scraps in his basement over the course of a weekend.

Squeezing your own cider is an insane amount of work.

I also finally managed to post the insanely jumpy video on YouTube.

I held my camera vertically to take this, and now I can't figure out how to rotate the video! Any advice would be appreciated.

Also hoping to post about the spring crop seeds I recently received from Baker's Creek Heirloom Seeds.

So much to write about! This past weekend's events to be posted soon.

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