Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 DIY Fest

The 2009 DIY Festival is currently in the planning stages! If you are interested in tabling or hosting a workshop, please contact me @ Suggestions are always appreciated! It's going to be at 2640 again this year.

We are also thinking about having a display area for DIY artifacts. For example, I thought that having a bottle of homemade laundry soap or a vermicompost bin on display would be a good way of showing exactly what it means to live a DIY lifestyle. I'd also like to make a version of the home-made dehydrator from one of my earlier posts:
If you have an item you think would be worthwhile to include, just drop a comment!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Yarn Bombing!

Thanks to UK DIY Yarnbombing, I was inspired to do some real Baltimore style yarn bombing. I had this knit cowl in a "syncopated tweed" pattern in the Orioles colors just lying around my apartment because it was too small to wear (darn my laziness and failure to knit gauges!). But when I heard about this project to post photos of knit graffiti from all over the world, I knew the too-small cowl would be perfect.

I wanted to pick a location that would show some city pride, and thought instantly of the Edgar Allan Poe statue outside of the University of Baltimore. Happily, it had just snowed the day before, so this knit scarf really made Poe look cozy!

I worry sometimes about how the public will react to this kind of graffiti, so it was really rewarding when a passer-by saw me taking photos and came up to take some of his own! I told him to search 'knit graffiti' or 'yarn bombing' online, and he said that both of those terms sounded really interesting. Good times!

Let me know if you've posted some of your own around the city! I know there is a great yarn-tree outside of Lovely Yarns in Hampden, which I'm hoping to tag soon! More photos soon.

For more photos of the Poe cozy, check out my Flickr page:

Baltimore Food Makers

Interested in community gardens or all forms of food making? Check out the Baltimore Food Makers Group on Google!


Within Baltimore Food Makers, you will find people passionate about good food, people who want to know where their food comes from and who play a part in getting it from seed (or animal) to the table, people who are carrying on the important skills of growing and processing food for themselves and their families.

We want to trade, barter, and share our equipment, skills, and knowledge.

How do we make food?
Gardening, canning, dehydrating, fermenting, yogurt and cheese-making, baking, sourdough, home brewing, coffee-roasting, and that's just the beginning!
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