Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winter Garden Means Indoor Ginger

Indoor Garden, originally uploaded by baltimoreDIY.

It's getting cold out there. Especially since my ginger, sweet basil, and ancho chilies are more warm-weather plants, I had to bring my little porch garden inside. Good thing my file drawer/garden box is more lightweight than it looks.

Wow, do the pepper plants look huge indoors! I'd guess they're about three feet tall. And the peppers are still growing on them, which is very exciting.

Ssh, don't tell the other plants, but I think the ginger might be my favorite. It's so exciting each time a new sprout pops up from the soil, telling me that the ginger is happily taking root and spreading. Perhaps in late December I'll do a little digging around and make some spicy candied ginger for a mid-winter treat. Yum!

The ginger is a little hard to see because the sweet basil is flowering and hogging the picture in the front. The frond-like plants with lots of side leaves are the ginger. You can see two of the main leaves, and there are several more smaller leaves that have sprouted as well, hidding somewhere behind the basil pots and in the midst of the giant pepper stems.

What are you doing with your garden (indoor or outdoor) over the winter?


christine said...

hey aliza! this is christine (from seminar) - i have been looooving your blog (don't tell my boss...) and your posts about indoor gardening are especially interesting to me. i've been wanting to get into this for a while, but i also have a "brown thumb" and never really thought i could do it properly. seeing your enormous and tasty greens is a great reassurance :) could you recommend the best resource to help me start totally from scratch? i wouldn't even know where to begin! thanks so much for letting me know about your blog!

Cianoy said...

Hello there! So, what's the inspiration for the filing cabinet garden? Does it make the garden more organized? ;-)

Chris and his sweet basil

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