Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is this plant?

Wow, this photo looks pretty tropical, but don't worry, it was taken right here in zip code 21211!

I saw this plant as I was biking to work today down Old Falls Road. For those of you who don't live in Baltimore, Old Falls is a kind of wooded path that runs along the Jones Falls River, although "river" is putting it nicely, as you can imagine that the area is pretty overgrown with weeds, etc.

It does have some really awesome scenery though, like the Baltimore Streetcar Museum complete with streetcars and a little track, plus the decaying Maryland & Pennsylvania station with all kinds of weird parts like old gears, wheels, and entire rotting train cars. Now I'm thinking I should post photos soon..

In any case, anyone have an idea what this thing is? This is the biggest flower stalk I have ever seen. It definitely looks like an interesting plant. I actually rode by it on my bike and turned back around to get a better look. So happy I had my camera with me so I can Twitter my question to my friend at the National Wildlife Federation (hey @wildlife_watch!)

And if any of you horticultural folk want to school me on the proper term for "flower stalk" I'd love to know that too.

Here are a few close-ups:

Just remembered that I do have one photo of train parts from Old Falls Road. This wheel used to be buried under Paca St. and was used to pull the streetcars. One of my most favorite "public statues."

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