Monday, July 13, 2009

Come visit my table at Artscape 2009!

(photo of Artscape 2008)

Ah yes, mid-July in Baltimore. The main road outside my employment is blocked off for the week, electric cables are being hung for yards, and hundreds of white tents are being set up all around the city. And best of all, a year's worth of new public art sculptures are blooming!

I don't know if anything can beat last year's front porch/back porch interactive sculpture or the skateboard Pants Ramp, but I sure hope something will come close. (Disclaimer note: one of my brothers worked really hard on the Pants Ramp; he's the one *shredding hard* in the top photo).

If "you ain't from aroun' here" or are living in some kind of hole, check out the Artscape website for more details:

And best of all, I'm going to have a table this year! I'll be across from the Charles Theater, along with a bunch of other green-focused groups. The general idea of the table will be: "Urban Sustainability." Mainly I am interested in showing the people of Baltimore how they can make some everyday, tangible steps towards living a more sustainable, healthy life. Even living in the city, we are still connected to the Earth!

Here are a list of the projects I'll be displaying:

Solar Oven My DIY version is made out of one of those reflectors you put in a car window to block the sunlight. Photos shall be posted soon- I have yet to try it out!

Compost Bin More description of my composting adventures can be found here: Brief update: I drilled a ton of air holes in my bin, which should help the compost be less smelly and break down better. Almost all of the worms are dead, but I found about 5 little guys in some of my potting soil (they're definitely red wigglers from the compost I added to the pot) so I put them into my bin. We'll see if they regenerate..

Canning Not that I expect everyone to become an instant home-maker or foodie, but I do want people to know that canning is not as hard as it seems! Plus it's a great way to store delicious food from your CSA or Farmer's Market year- round. See:

Tinctures Gathered from herbs foraged right here in Baltimore City!

Plus some basic facts about carrying reusable bags/bottles instead of using plastic, homemade natural cleaning products, and more!

Come stop by my table- I'd love to see you there! (Plus since I'll be single-handedly doing this Friday thru Sunday, please come by and lend a hand if you'd like. I'd love the support. Thanks!)


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Angry Asian said...

i'll be there this year! :) on saturday sometime. are you there all day. i'm interested in learning about your solar oven and canning.

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