Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Solstice! 'Taters & Compost

Summertime is here! My friend Katie Red and I officially celebrated the Solstice this past Sunday night from a rooftop in Baltimore. Candles were lit, three kinds of sage were burned, and we watched the night sky at the peak of the year. It was nice.

I mainly celebrated the beginning of summer by cleaning out a lot of old failed projects. Sadly, I've realized that I never should have started my mushroom kit on April 22. I did get one amazing mushroom but then it quickly got too hot, and the mushrooms failed to grow.

Also, my worm compost wasn't doing that great. Lack of airholes in my bin = very SMELLY compost. Plus there were way too many flies in there. I tried to rescue it all (pic to the right is me trying to air it out) but in the end I just dumped it all in the woods.

You might have noticed the potato stalks on top of the compost above. My beautiful potatoes that I posted about in May got spider mites a few weeks ago. So I started ripping out the plants to get rid of them. But lo and behold, there was a potato growing on one of the stalks! (top photo) So, I found that I had a mix of failure and success. Perfect blend for the turning of the seasons. Saved the last few worms from the compost too and started them in a new bin, so hopefully they will survive too.

The potato stalks I had already ripped out got thrown into the woods with the rest of the stinky compost and the failed mushroom kit. I'm hoping once the weather cools down in the fall, maybe I'll go back to that spot in the woods to find a few volunteer potatos and mushrooms. Maybe for the Fall Equinox...


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