Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Snippet of Maker's Faire

So, I have this really cool video of a home-made music machine at Maker's Faire. But it's just won't load, even to my thumbdrive. Argh!

So in lieu of the video & connected post, I present to you this:

It's one of my favorite photos I took this weekend. This guy is playing chess with a robot. I love both of their postures!

Rather than deluge you with a huge Maker's Faire post, I'll be posting snippets of my recollections and favorite tips for a little while. Of course, you can always check out makezine.com for total coverage (or @makerfaire).

For now though, I'll just say that my fondest memories of the Faire was standing at our permaculture table in the Homegrown Village, watching mini rockets blast off to our right, flames shooting into the air and a GIANT robot hand in front of us, the steam engine whistle going off to the left.

All while being surrounded by strange mushroom kits, a case full of honey bees, and a model of a greywater recycling system. The worm bin and aerated compost tea was percolating at our feet, the fog was hovering over the mountains in the distance, and I was at Maker's Faire! Thanks again permie.net!

Also, @lfkay from the Baltimore Sun found me at the Faire (apparently I was the only other person repping Charm City there, and was writing with my Big Boyz Bail Bonds pen when she found me, just to prove it ;) There may be some video footage of an *exclusive interview with baltimorediy* on the Sun website soon. I'll be sure to post when I find out any updates!


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