Monday, June 8, 2009

Purple Cowl

Posting galore today. Took a great photo of the cowl I was knitting in this video. Must remember to take more backlit pics! I like the way my cactus looks in the background. And you can just barely see my Obama Fist Bump magnet in the upper right hand corner. Sweet.

Loved the way the bobbles turned out!

Basically this was just a 3x1 ribbed knit in the round. Meaning: knit, knit, knit, purl. and repeat. I like making these cowls with a rib because it gives the piece some flexibility and stretch. If it was knit with just knit or just purl stitches, it would lose it's shape very quickly.

Knit in the round (using the needles attached with a cord) so that you don't have to sew anything up at the end.

To make a bobble: knit about 5 times into the same stitch. Then bind off 4 of those stitches so that you only have one stitch again. There should be a little knot there, which is your bobble. Once you know how to make one, you can add a little bobble at any point in your pattern that you feel like!


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Angry Asian said...

i have not picked up my yarn and hook in weeks! i adore the color of your cowl. i just wish i liked knitting, i'm more of a crocheter. props to you for playing with yarn still in this heat! :)

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