Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend Twestoration

Decided I'd go ahead and post a link to the Wildlife Habitat "Twestoration" project, where people can post photos of their environmental restoration project (or add a #nwf hashtag to your tweets!). I have some mixed feelings about focusing too much on the intersection of "green" and social networking (too much computers, not enough hands-on sometimes?) but overall its very rewarding to be able to share project ideas and tips with like-minded folks.

Since we don't even have a scrap of yard at all around our apartment building/rowhouse, I have mostly been gardening inside in small containers. (Potatos, fennel, parsley, beans, basil, and lettuce, in very small amounts!) But then a series of projects coalesced over the last few weeks, and all of a sudden, I found myself with a much more comprehensive wildlife area than I planned, right on the concrete by our trashcans!

More pictures are available here

1. Moved my vermicompost outside and set the bin up on buckets to prevent rat invasion.

2. Built a rain barrel through the Herring Run Watershed Association. Collected rain water that collected some kind of film of white/orange particles on it. Decided not to use water for my vegetables, but still want to collect rainwater to prevent it from eroding the soil and sweeping trash right into the Bay. Collected rainwater will be perfect for new, non-edible plants.

3. Went to FlowerMart this past weekend and picked up a few plants for the dirt-filled paint buckets in our backyard. Since I have a bit of a "function" obsession, I got herbal plants that are native to the Mid-Atlantic region that attract pollinators. Also some native carnivorous plants because they're awesome.

- Goldenseal
- Black Cohosh
- Mountain Mint (smells wonderful!)
- Pitcher Plants and Sun Dews

I left the plants in their pots right now since they still look kind of fragile, but hopefully I'll be able to re-pot them in the giant buckets one day, and we will have a whole Mid-Atlantic regional wonderland going on right on top of the cement!


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