Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Press Round-up

And now for a completely un-DIY related post. Perhaps it's because of the quiet gray weather outside, or maybe it's because my head is all stuffed up with a cold and I feel kind of dream-like, but I've come across a lot of weird quotes and posts today. I kept wanting to share them with you all. Rather than clog up my Twitter stream, I decided to post them here in a solid chunk. Hope you enjoy!

I hadn't visited Craftster's hottest craft projects list in a while. Some good stuff was on there. Like the koala pic above, which was hand embroidered. Just crazy. I also want to start stamping slogans onto my pennies.

On the airplane yesterday I flipped through the June 2009 issue of Harper's . One of the sections included excerpts from Werner Herzog's diary while he was making the movie Fitzcarraldo. At one point he bitch-slaps an albino turkey in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest.

Here's the quote: "Camisea, June 4
The camp is silent with resignation; only the turkey is making a racket. It attacked me, overestimating its own strength, and I quickly grabbed its neck, which squirmed and tried to swallow, slapped him left-right with the casual elegance of the arrogant cavaliers I had seen in the French Three Musketeers films who go on to prettily cross swords, and then let the vain albino go."

A rapid Google search brought up another link to one of Harper's dreamlike real-life gems.

All sort of awesome information about fungi, in a very well-written article. Well done, Natalie Angier of the New York Times.

And finally, Yahoo! News sucked me in when I was checking my email. I will guilty admit that sometimes I click on the fluff. What happened to Mike Tyson's daughter is very sad and strange. The crazy quote at the end of this article confirmed the overall bizarro feeling:

"Dinka Radic, who lives across the street, described Exodus as smart and sweet.

"The little girl, she says 'You got chocolate in your house?'" Radic said. "I say 'Yes,' and she says, 'OK, give me some.'"

When she gives the girl the chocolate, Radic said "she just kisses me on my knees. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Very nice."

And that was the end of the article.

In awesomer news, I found out that William Gibson twitters. My goodness. Time for tweets like:

The most intelligent 21st-century fashion strives for a radical atemporality. Probably because the digital is radically atemporal.

Strangeness, layers and layers of it. Think I'll head over to Bikram Yoga tonight, try to sweat out this cold. Time for the simplicity of working the body, sweat and breath. Although I must say, I do love every Werner Herzog turkey-slapping minute of the strangeness. I just need a rest sometimes, the better to take it all in.


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