Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Poetry!

There were a few good responses to the poem I posted earlier, so I thought I'd go ahead and post the poem I'm turning in for class tomorrow. This is for selfish reasons: I want your suggestions!

I'm looking for words with hard "C" sounds to replace "heartbeats," "antennae," and "ancient fears." Yeesh, I feel like a poet writing that sentence *insert wryly sarcastic eye-roll here* Other suggestions always taken into account! Anyways, a poem that was inspired on my way out the front door this morning:

Sorry, Kafka
Sorry, Kafka

I kicked the carapace down the stairs.

There was a cockroach in the corner
so I crushed it, coughing, scraped
its corpse off my shoe.

One crumpled antennae quivered, a cacophony
of creeps clamored through my corpus;

I quelled my archaic cowardice.

A cockroach was in the corner
so I crushed it, kicked its carapace
down the stairs.


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