Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day Weekend Festivities

Thought I'd try to sneak in a quick post here about all the great stuff going on this weekend. I did a quick search about May Day and found out that it is the pagan start of summer! (and of course, it has also become a celebration of labor rights. I of course am subverting the system by learning about permaculture on the job and sneaking a peek at my new zines)

Of course, better weekend event calendars can be found at the Baltimore City Paper site, Metro Mix, or BeatBots, but here is my little condensed version.


Friday, May 1

Benefit at the Floristree for local record store heros True Vine:

Annual FlowerMart in Mt. Vernon:

Some old school friends of mine own TAG Galleries and they are having an event tonight as well. Lots of stuff that reminds me of Juxtapoz Magazine.

Saturday, May 2

What's up @wildlife_watch and @nwf ! The National Wildlife Federation is my Twitter-friend (well, wildlife_watch is my real life friend, but anyway). They have really been ramping up their use of social networking sites, with Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook pages where you can post photos of wildlife and environmental restoration projects. I'm planning on hooking up my new rainbarrel and getting some native plants to put in the soil-filled paint buckets out back of our building!

Free Comic Books Day at Atomic Books (Also can be found on Twitter! @atomicbooks)

I.E. Poetry Series at Load of Fun

Gunwife Gone at The Wind-Up: Tiffany Dafoe is an amazing human being, and I haven't yet heard her play sax but I hear she's great. And the Wind-Up is one of my favorite new spaces in Baltimore (it's so open and fresh inside!) so I'm hoping I can make it to this show.

Sunday, May 3 Pow-Wow! I have been hearing about this underground Baltimore celebration since I moved here 3 years ago, and still haven't made it there. I have the feeling you might have to pay your Baltimore dues before you get to make it there? In any case, a crazy time in a Wal-Mart parking lot. I'm hoping to maybe bring some kombucha to share with the crowd? And my knitting to keep me company. Let me know if you're going to be there and maybe we'll meet up?!

Next week: I'll be reading at UB for the release of our literary publication Welter! Plus Animal Collective at the Ottobar (which is sold out, trying to sneak in somehow but don't think that's happening :*( And more to come!


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