Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Community Co-op Kitchen: Update

Posted to the Food Makers list:

" It occurred to me at the April potluck that most of the people interested in a commercial kitchen are already involved in this foodmakers group. I really enjoy our relaxing potlucks and informal talks, and I'm worried about the unnecessary stress that running a fully operating commercial kitchen would bring.

This is a real dream I have for the future, and I may start trying to tackle the project in the winter instead of during the busy growing season, but for now I've decided to take a step back. I'd like to ride out this summer and experiment with various projects to see what works and what doesn't before jumping head on to something that I know would require a gargantuan amount of organization and time.

Thanks everyone who is interested, please feel free to experiment with these kind of community-involved food making ventures, and let me know what you learn!


Aliza "

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