Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Foraging!

The April Foodmakers potluck at Cromwell Valley was a delicious time! Not only did the lovely Michelle take us on an "edible weed walk" around the farm, after the potluck some of us went into the woods and found a bounty of morel mushrooms! Apparently since it had rained for a few days and was sunny for a few days, it was great timing for mushrooms.

It was a first mushroom hunt for most of us, so we were all really excited to learn how to hunt for these secret beauties. A keen eye, a bit of luck, and shouts of "I found one!" are all you need!

I also brought a kombucha SCOBY and gave a brief description of how to ferment the tea. I'll probably bring a bunch of "babies" to the next potluck, so perhaps in June we can have a kombucha tasting party.

Sharing tips and strange, healthy, free, delicious food... magical!

(Almost as magical as the snail we found curled up inside the stem of one of the morels! Definite fairy territory :)


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