Monday, April 20, 2009

April Foraging Update

Michelle wrote a much better description of our adventures on Saturday, so I thought I would re-post her email to the Foodmakers group:

"Hi everyone,

... (deleted some personal hellos & info...)

The evening began with a slide show on identifying 13 easy-to-find
local wild plants and was followed by a long ramble through Cromwell
Valley CSA's organic fields. We tasted and gathered all kinds of
delicious plants, including spring cress, wild mustard greens, clover,
dandelion, chicory, chick weed and garlic mustard and collectively
foraged a salad which we ate as part of the pot luck dinner
afterward. Some of the bravest group members volunteered to get stung
by stinging nettles, and then eased the burn with a plantain poultice.

After washing the greens we enjoyed pot luck & conversation outdoors.
Besides collectively foraged salad there was green tomato compote,
blue corn bread, a vegetable potage and several other terrific
dishes. Conversation ranged from kombucha making to medicinal plants
to yogurt with many many other fascinating side conversations taking

After dinner seven people stayed to do an impromptu morel mushroom
hunt in the park, and in about an hour we were able to find enough
mushrooms for everyone to take home about five or six each. It took a
little while to get our mushroom-finding eyes on, but once we got
started everyone was able to spot at least a few of the elusive morels
plus jack in the pulpits and fiddlehead ferns.

Brian took some photos of our morel haul, which he's promised to post,
and I promise to figure out how to post the powerpoint weed
identification slide show here on the site ASAP."

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