Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2009 DIY Fest Schedule!

As you can see from the Community Co-op Kitchen post below, I've been a busy little bee. Full time work, part time school (the poetry is great, but the time needed for the graphic design kicks my ass), plus packing in as much gardening and 2640'ing as I can, it's been pretty crazy around here.

But the latest, biggest, about to blossom project is the 2009 DIY Fest!! Mark your calendars for May 9th. (see for more details).

This schedule is totally amazing. It has a range of everything from small animal skinning (for reals- the girl who is teaching it has a hat made out of a fox that is one of the most fascinating craft projects I have ever seen) to small container gardening to computer security (one of my personal favorites, since computer operating systems and their use is often overlooked by the activist community. Plus the workshop leader is one of the organizers :)

"I see you, with your bikes and your dogs and your punk rock, and then I go over to your computer, and there's Windows ME, staring me in the face."

Also, I will be auctioning off some DIY supplies to help support Red Emma's and 2640. Rather than make this post insanely long, I will post those at a later date. If you have any items you would like to donate please contact me!

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