Sunday, March 15, 2009

DIY Salad Table

Since I live in an apartment with a slab of concrete for a backyard, I've been wanting to build a salad table for a long time. I've had these directions from the Maryland Cooperative Extension filed away for a while:

But I don't own any tools, and didn't really feel like going out to the store for lumber, hardware, and wire mesh. So I decided to build a salad table DIY style out of an old desk drawer. There are already "drainage holes" built into the sides! The glass over the top was supposed to keep in some heat, but then found out that lettuce grows well in cold weather so I took it off. Plus, it started to drizzle a bit this weekend so I figured I might as well let the sprouts get a little water.

It's not pretty but I think it might do the trick! Hopefully I'll have a luscious photo in a month of my fresh salad!

(In case you're wondering how I'm reflected in the glass, I reused an old display case for my "greenhouse")

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