Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baltimore Garden Days

The Growing Season is here!

The Remington Community Garden just kicked off today, and with the help of amazing neighbors and a Johns Hopkins community service fraternity, we broke a ton of ground, mixed it with composted manure, and planted sweet peas and spinach. It was kind of a rainy day, but all of the pickaxing helped us break a sweat! Can't wait for the strawberries, and the eggplant, and the zucchini... Yum! I really love the community structure of the garden, where everyone pitches in and then receives a part of the harvest. It seems much more interactive and fun than just having your own plot, and you receive just as much harvest.

Afterward I had a nice relaxing walk back to Hampden, and swung by the Mill Valley Garden Center. I think with my birthday money, I'll sign up for the One Straw CSA. Last year I decided to go to the Farmer's Market because I thought it would be easier to select exactly what I wanted, but I found it hard to wake up and get to the market before noon every week. It might actually be nice to get a bunch of vegetables that I'm not familiar with and to learn how to cook some more interesting meals.

But today I just bought some locally grown lettuce and canned dill beans, along with some helpful advice about potting soil. The woman working there was so sweet and gave me a ton of information about potting soil (which actually contains no soil at all! I feel silly for not knowing that already...) and I decided to continue potting my plants right in my vermicompost. I was worried about nutrient overload, but since my compost is pretty papery, my plants seem to be doing o.k.

Unfortunately, then I came home to check on my vermicompost, and there are almost no worms left! A few weeks ago, I checked on the worms and found them all in one corner and couldn't figure out why. I touched the compost in the bin, and it was bone dry. I was so worried about suffocating the worms with moisture, I forgot that the opposite can happen as well! I'm sad, but there was a worm or two left in there, so I poured in a bunch of water, old broccoli, and lettuce scraps, and I'm hoping my little guys come back. Fingers crossed-

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