Thursday, December 25, 2008

Generic Zine Exchange

Thank you so much Abbey for creating the Generic Zine Exchange! I just received my package a few days ago, and boy was I excited! Check out the bounty. To basically explain what went down: a bunch of people made 25 zines, then sent them in to Abbey. Each of us received 20 different zines back (although I didn't actually count them...) She will be using the copies somehow for her thesis project. It's always fun to get a huge package in the mail from strangers, and it's really exciting to think about the copy that will be added to the zine collection at the University of Buffalo! All in all a really great experience.

I wish I could post more pictures, but as you'll see, I've got a lot of posts to put up. One zine was shaped like an apron, with directions about how to sew one together. Another of my favorites was of pictures all taken when the photographer was lying on their back (there is a great photo of a mushroom coming out of a tree trunk). I actually forgot to take pictures of the one I sent out, but that will have to be for another day. It was a collection of collage and cut-up poetry that I xeroxed together, called "Bound Printed Matter," which is a stamp used for some postal mailings.

Anyway, to cut my ramblings off, I just had to post photos of my favorite. It's called "Nightlights" by Anna Tow. The cover has a functional lightbulb!! The image on the right shows how she slipped in a small piece of paper to break the circuit if needed. (There's a wire that causes the bulb to light up every time it hits the battery). Thanks Anna! The watercolor image on the front is gorgeous too, I might add.

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